Eyedol Gameplay for Killer Instinct

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
Eyedol is the final fighter in Killer Instinct's season three and he'll be available shortly for Ultra Edition owners. In fact, it's possible he's available right now as you're reading this.


If you're a Combo Breaker owner who has to wait a week to gain access to the newest fighter, you may be tempted to take a look at him in today's newest video where he squares off against the fearsome Kan-Ra. From the footage you can tell Eyedol is a beast of a fighter, towering above his opponent and delivering some serious damage.

Eyedol is available in a couple hours for owners of the Ultra Edition. He'll be available to Combo Breaker owners on July 29th.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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