F1 2016 New Trailers And Screenshots Released

By Andrew Ogley, 1 year ago
Whilst the real life sport of Formula One is almost reaching the halfway point in the season, fans of the virtual counterpart, F1 2016 still have a little longer to wait before being able to do battle with Hamilton, Rosberg and the rest.

Just recently, we received updates regarding the changes to multiplayer and now we get to know a little more about the singleplayer. Career mode gets an overhaul in this year's edition with the player being able to create their own legend over a period of 10 seasons. The player gets to choose their starting team and continue over the seasons to work with this team including the research and development, helping to advance the team and turn them into championship contenders. If that option is working out too well though, the player can always opt to switch teams if they've done enough to earn themselves a ride. The Limited Edition of the title includes the ‘CAREER BOOSTER’ DLC PACK, which will give players a head start in their career as well as exclusive Career Helmet and Laptop designs.

To demonstrate some of the thrills and spills that the player can expect in their career, Codemasters has released a new clip.

Additionally with the latest round of the F1 Championship reaching Hungary, the team at Codemasters has also released a video of a hot - albeit very wet - lap of Hungaroring featuring a virtual Lewis Hamilton.

Finally, to round out the latest media update, we also have some screenshots featuring racing at Silverstone and Hungary.



F1 2016 will be racing off the grid on August 19th for Xbox One.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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