Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle Coming to Xbox One This Tuesday

By Kelly Packard, 3 years ago
The successor to the original Xbox/PS2/GameCube era's X-Men Legends series, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360), is usually one of the first games many players remembering experiencing on the Xbox 360, or one of the last games they experienced on the classic Xbox. Boasting four-player online and local co-op, it was a great title to just jump into the shoes of one of the Marvel heroes and start beating up bad guys. In 2009, it got a sequel, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360). Now, almost ten years after the original's launch, Marvel has announced current-gen versions of the pair of Ultimate Alliance titles will be available on the Marketplace in just a few days.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle

According to Mike Jones, executive producer of the re-releases, Marvel was constantly being asked about a sequel or a re-release of the first two games.

"It’s been 10 years since the series began and gamers are still as passionate about Ultimate Alliance today as they ever were," said Jones.

The re-releases aim to be as faithful to the originals as possible, but will have improved performance, updated UI and graphics as well as adding compatibility with the features of current-gen systems (fingers crossed for achievement tracking).

The updated versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will be available on July 26th on Xbox One. They will be available individually for $39.99 US or as a bundle for $59.99 US.

As for a sequel, when asked about it, Jones said, "Anything is possible, True Believers!"
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