Clockwork Launch Approaches - New Details Emerge

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Hand-drawn steampunk puzzle platformer Clockwork is a step closer to a console release after recently being Greenlit on Steam. Developer Gamesoft has released more game details in preparation for the launch.

The developers of Clockwork set out to produce a beautiful puzzle game in the tradition of Braid and LIMBO. They have created an episodic story encompassing more than sixty levels full of time manipulation puzzles, with boss battles involving both action and strategic gameplay.

Clockwork 1

Clockwork is set in the vertically divided city of Watchtower, the last bastion of civilisation in a world ravaged by plague, where people have escaped sickness by sealing themselves into metal bodies. The lowest of the low live in Poisonville, at the base of the city, while the workers toil away above them in the industrial district of Grindtown. The next layer up is Crystal Heights, a scientific and cultural centre controlled by rich aristocrats. The very top of the city is The Spire, where the secretive rulers of Watchtower work on mysterious projects that may or may not include a cure for the plague.

The main character in Clockwork is Atto, who was sealed into a mechanical body as an eight year old and then left abandoned after his mother died and his father was taken away by Watchtower officials. Atto has lived over four hundred years as a lonely child labourer, unable to remember his family but retaining mechanical skills learned from his father Zepto. Zepto is a captive scientist working on time manipulation technology and hoping to reverse the plague by reversing time. Distrusting the motives of the ruling class, Zepto constructed a pure-of-heart prototype called Milli to bring hope to humanity. Milli is naive but wise, and has been sent to help Atto reach his father. Zepto has also been forced to build a dangerous creature called The Hour, not knowing if he will have any control over it if it is released by his captors.

Clockwork is due to release on Steam in August 2016. The Xbox One release will take place later in the year.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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