Turtle Sandbox and BlitWorks Announce Cannon Brawl Is Coming To Consoles

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Developed by Turtle Sandbox and published by BlitWorks, the team's real time strategy title Cannon Brawl has now been confirmed for console release after a successful launch on Steam.

Dubbed the next evolution of the artillery genre, the title comes with a mix of a "classic" 2D artillery title and the fast pace of an RTS. Players will pilot an airship, capture gold mines, and also have the ability to build weapons to aid in their mission, such as cannons, lasers flamethrowers and more. Are you not hitting the enemy hard enough with your explosive barrage? That's not a problem -- just take out the ground from under your enemies' feet instead. Options are aplenty with more than 10 unlockable airships and more than 15 weapons and defensive options with which to play.

The campaign mode will consist of tons of enemies as players fly through a "huge kingdom". Battle enemies and find weapons and allies to make your character stronger. The story will include 20 missions in five "very well differentiated settings" that come packing explosive weapons and tough bosses to take on. As you progress and unlock more goodies, why not dive into the multiplayer mode where you can play locally with friends and test your skills against future rivals online?

Between resource management, territory control and war machine upgrades; players will find an intense RTS experience wrapped up in a delightful fantasy world with the outstanding, though unexpected, music created by none other than Disasterpeace.
Take a look at the announcement trailer for a preview of the visuals and gameplay to come:

Cannon Brawl will release digitally on the Xbox One on August 5th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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