Xbox LIVE Gold Members Can Check Out Rainbow Six Siege for Free this Weekend

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
If you've been on the fence about trying out Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, the tactical first-person shooter from Ubisoft, then there's not going to be a much better opportunity than this weekend to check out the game, for free! Thanks to Xbox LIVE Gold’s Free Play Days, Xbox LIVE Gold members can check out the game for free starting tomorrow.

Free Weekend screen

If you haven't seen or read much about the game already, the title offers brutal close-quarter battles, team play, heart-pounding and adrenaline pumping action, and a whole lot more. Communication and different tactical approaches are the keys to success and RB6 isn't the type of game that rewards those who want to charge into battle blindly. If you want to buy after your try, the game will be on sale all week so those who like what they see can purchase the title at a discounted price. Any achievements unlocked during the free-to-play period will be carried over to the paid version of the title also. Or the earned achievements may be stuck on your tag forever if you don't enjoy the experience.

If you're well into the full-game already, you'll already be excited for "Operation Skull Rain". The new map "Favela" has been detailed and also showcased in a new video.

The team has took a bit of a different approach with Favela and Art Director Gregory Fromenteau gives details on the new twist:

As BOPE, a Rio-based CTU working specifically in favelas, you are no longer breaching a perimeter to conduct an assault. Your assault truck was ambushed during a patrol and now you are surrounded. The goal was to infuse the map with a sense of being directly exposed to the threat, which is very real to BOPE units working every day in a high-risk environment.

Keeping the feeling of "no place is safe" well and truly alive, a new technique will be added to the game: the exterior shell destruction. In the new map, the main buildings will be destructible from the outside. This will require players on the inside to think twice about how safe they really are while trying to maintain a defensive position.

In terms of the art direction for the new map, Gregory looked to make Favela what is was supposed to be:

I wanted to make it feel like people actually live. To portray bright colors, schools, and shops. The reason for BOPE being there at all, well, you’ll find that hidden inside—not on the streets
The atmosphere and visuals of the map will differ from day and night:

The daytime ambiance is taking place around noon on a market day, when people are doing their routine, but as soon as someone fires, the streets becomes eerily quiet. For nighttime, our Fromenteau confessed picking an ambiance that might surprise a few: the “goal was to bring a real contrast with the grim darkness veiling the alleys in certain sections of our map. All I can say is that it will feel very much alive”.
Take a look at the map reveal in video form for a deep preview of the new goodness to come:

Clear your schedule this weekend and then grab a friend or four as the free play days for Rainbow Six Siege begins tomorrow at 9am PT through until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, July 31st. The price for the title while it's on sale is yet to be confirmed. "Operation Skull Rain" will be releasing on August 2nd.
Ashley Woodcock
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