Chambara Launch Trailer

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
BAFTA award-winning stealth deathmatch game Chambara is bringing couch competition to Xbox One next month. Developer Team OK has released a new trailer to celebrate the console launch of their debut game.

Chambara is a local, split-screen game in which 2-4 players hunt one another down armed with shuriken to stun opponents and a melee weapon to finish them off. According to Kevin Wong of Team OK "we really wanted to recapture the feeling of playing split-screen games with friends on the couch as those were the games we all enjoyed growing up and throughout college...With very tense gameplay moments and a playfully artful tone, Chambara is exactly the kind of game we wish we played while growing up, and we hope it ends up being important to someone in their formative times now."

Chambara 1

The two colour palette of Chambara contributes to its distinctive art style, and also drives stealth gameplay based on hiding in plain sight. A player can disappear to one opponent simply by standing in front of a matching background, yet be vulnerable to a third player looking from a different angle. This challenges players to keep moving around in order to evade one another and set up ambushes until only one is left alive. Each stage plays differently, and playlist customisation supports both casual and deep play. Cosmetic customisation options include character accessories and choice of colour palette for each playable stage.

Chambara is out now on PS4 priced at $9.99, and will be released on Xbox One in August 2016.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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