GTA Online Adds Stunt Race Creator, New Mode, Double RP Playlist Until Aug 11th

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Rockstar's support of July's Cunning Stunts mode continued today with another update. As was promised last week, today marked the release of the new Stunt Race Creator. Alongside it is a new adversary mode called Entourage and a double RP and GTA$ playlist, as well as in-game discounts on Cunning Stunts clothing and tattoos.

The Stunt Race Creator is exactly what someone familiar with the racing would imagine. Instead of having to choose one of Rockstar's official 27 stunt races, racers can now build and share their own ideas with the whole community, or race on any other user's course. The creation tool can be accessed by going to the Pause Menu, scrolling down to "Creator" and clicking on "Stunt Mode." From there, a whole heap of objects can be added — ramps, tubes, signs and more. The developers have put out a handy PDF guide to get players started so that they're not in the dark on the whole process. They've also promised an official Rockstar Verified Stunt Race contest will be on the way soon. Although there aren't any details yet, it's sounding like the winner will have their map become official.

The update also added a new adversary mode called Entourage, where one side must transport a target and the other side tries their best to stop it:

Entourage requires tactical teamwork for Bodyguards to transport a well-armored and armed Target to a designated Extraction Point, all the while battling a team of Assassins attempting to take down the Target. The Extraction Point along with all Assassins are only visible to the Target on their radar – the Bodyguards must rely on communication to safely transport the Target and themselves to the goal.
To celebrate the new mode, players still gunning for the Above the Law achievement will appreciate a double RP and GTA$ playlist featuring Entourage. This appears to be one of GTA Online's longer-running events, with the double RP/GTA$ playlist being available until August 11th. There is also a 25 percent in-game discount on Cunning Stunts tattoos and clothing.


The addition of the Stunt Race Creator and Entourage mode is already live, and remember that the double RP/GTA$ playlist can be enjoyed until August 11th. If history repeats itself, stay tuned for another bonus event to follow this one on August 12th.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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