SMITE's Arena Gets Re-Skinned Until August 30th, Earn Free Gems in 3 Quests

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
In celebration of this month's Olympics, the SMITE Arena map has a new look. Called the Great Games Arena, the classic map has been forged into a track with a new audience and banners to boot. Step onto the track and you'll notice yourself running significantly faster than other parts of the map. Be careful though — this means minions will also run faster toward your portal!

I don't need to run faster, I'm already half horse...I don't need to run faster, I'm already half horse...

In addition to the themed map, players will have a chance to earn free gems by completing up to three different quests in August. The quests aren't hard; essentially SMITE players will complete them by doing what they do best... playing! You'll have 10 whole days to complete each quest. Here is the full schedule:

Quest #1: Winner’s Circle | August 2nd – 12th

  • Win 7 Games to earn 75 Gems!

Quest #2: The Great Games | August 12th – 22nd

  • Play 6 matches of the Great Games Arena to earn 50 Gems!

Quest #3: The Great Slays | August 22nd – 30th

  • Get 200 Kills and Assists to earn 50 Gems!
Keep in mind that aside from the second quest, The Great Games, these quests can be completed in any game mode. The Great Games Arena map and the first quest, Winner's Circle, are already active in-game. The Great Games event runs until August 30th. Patch 3.14, bringing the newest goddess Terra, arrived on PC today and should be headed to Xbox One soon.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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