Three More XBLA Titles Become Backwards Compatible

By Kelly Packard,
Another drop in the ever-filling backwards compatibility bucket occurred today when three more XBLA games joined the program. The classic Namco titles Mr. DRILLER Online Achievements and New Rally-X Achievements are now available alongside Cave Digital's Nin²-Jump Achievements.

Mr. Driller

If you're looking for a couple cheap and easy completions, Nin²-Jump and New Rally-X are good picks. Both offer 200 gamerscore and are priced at US $4.99 each. Nin²-Jump is estimated at 2-3 hours and New Rally-X will take 1-2 hours to obtain 100 percent completion. At US $9.99, Mr. DRILLER is significantly harder and contains an achievement only one percent of players have obtained.

It might not be the most exciting batch in history, but at least it's clearing space off that old Xbox 360 hard drive. Curious if there's anything else you can delete and re-download on your One? Check out the full list of backwards compatible games here.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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