Wishlist Sale Item Notifications

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
Day 3 of my crazy Hack-a-thon brings another popular Site Wishlist item - Notify me when items on my wishlist go on sale.

This one is nice and easy to explain...

When we publish a Sale news story, we'll compare all the games and DLC that's in the story with everyone on the site's wishlist - if you have at least one of those items on there, you'll receive a PM that looks like this:

You'll get a PM when items on your wishlist go on saleYou'll get a PM when items on your wishlist go on sale

It includes a link to the news story itself so you can check the exact discounts for your region, and the news team also helpfully put the store links onto the story too to make it even easier for you to purchase.

You can of course also see all of the sale info on the Xbox Sales Hub - this page includes filters for platforms, regions and excluding content you already own.

I'll be back tomorrow with another new development - see you then!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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