Valley Will Launch This Month

By Kevin Tavore, 8 months ago
Valley is the latest title from Blue Isle Studios, developer of Slender: The Arrival. In Valley, you'll explore a secret valley in North America's Rocky Mountains while wielding the unique ability to give life or death.
In Valley, players will pilot the L.E.A.F. exosuit, enhancing their physical abilities to new levels of strength while making it easy to quickly traverse through the massive world of The Valley. As they explore, players will collect orbs of life, dash through forests, leap between structures, and uncover clues while wielding control over the life and death of the living creatures and plant life around you.
Valley Screens 5

You can learn about some of the game's features in our announcement article. We've also previously covered a gameplay video. Today we've got a new trailer to go along with the release date.

Valley will release August 24th for Xbox One.
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