Add Multiple Difficulty Achievements To Your To Do List

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
It's Day 4 of the Hack-a-thon, and with it brings not one, but two of your Site Wishlist requests!

If you go to your to do list and check the buttons at the bottom, you'll see a couple of changes:

New sort optionsNew sort options

New Sort Options

Firstly, you can now sort the list by Ratio, GamerScore or TrueAchievement (both high-low and low-high).

So far, so dull, right?

But also, the old Add random achievement now says Add random achievements - if you click it you'll be taken through to a new page:

Add Multiple Achievements Of Specific Difficulty*

Create a UHH-style achievement listCreate a UHH-style achievement list

This page separates all your unearned achievements in games you still own (according to your Game Collection) into various brackets of difficulty, based on their TA Ratio.

*And yes, I know ratio is actually rarity but it's usually a reasonable approximation of difficulty.

You can use the sliders or type in the numbers you want for each bracket, and we'll choose them randomly and add them to your to do list!

We'll even leave out any that are unobtainable or discontinued. Because we're nice like that smile

See you tomorrow!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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