Quantum Replica Announced

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
Colombian developer ON3D Studios -- in conjunction with Russian publisher 1C Company -- has announced their first console game, Quantum Replica.

Quantum Replica logo

A cyberpunk mix of fast-paced stealth and Metroidvania action, Quantum Replica has the player character as an unknown entity with no memory who is intruding in the game's megacity setting.

Quantum Replicamain character art screenshot

As an intruder -- even as one without any memory -- the as-yet-unnamed character will naturally have the city's guards hunting him down. With very few places to run in the physical realm, the player will have to use their ability to manipulate time to escape his hunters and find out who he is, and why he's there.

To see the game in action, including a taste of those time-manipulation abilities, check out the announcement trailer below.

Quantum Replica is currently scheduled to launch on Xbox One in Q2 2017.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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