Backwards Compatible Notifications and Site Leaderboard Percentiles

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
This morning we recorded a podcast, so I haven't too much time, but I've still managed to crank out two more items from the Site Wishlist Forum.

Notification when an owned game goes backwards compatible

This was requested not long after backwards compatibility was first announced. When we publish a story containing games that are now backwards compatible, you will receive a notification PM like this:

PM for backwards compatible gamesPM for backwards compatible games

If you don't want to receive these, you can turn them off in the Notification section of your Site Settings.

Leaderboard Percentiles on Personal Pages

This request received 37 upvotes and no downvotes at all, and was simply to add a column to the leaderboard summary section on your homepage that shows the percentile of your position compared to the entire leaderboard:

Leaderboard PercentilesLeaderboard Percentiles

Bug fixes

I've also fixed a couple of bugs from yesterday's To Do List development - sorting by Gamerscore wasn't working and the algorithm will no longer include DLC achievements from packs you don't own. And I also made it look prettier on the dark theme.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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