MarsLit Games Announces Unknown Fate

By Lexley Ford, 1 year ago
MarsLit Games will be taking gamers on an amazing journey with their newly announced and highly mysterious story-driven first person adventure, Unknown Fate. This surreal adventure takes place in a world full of mind-twisting puzzles and bizarre creatures, although details as to what this adventure will entail are currently very scarce.

Unknown Fate Art

The cryptic press release that accompanied this announcement tells us that players will be “engulfed in mystery” and that “you’ll take cautious steps deep into the unknown, only to have your mind swept away by yet more questions”. The things that you believe to be real and true will come into question, as your certainties will begin to crumble. With no way back to the real world and an urge to discover the answers, you will need to push on.

“Soon you will have all the answers to your questions. But you still have so much to see…”

Of course, we have a surreal announcement teaser trailer and screenshots to share with you, replete with flying whales, giant coffee cups, and faceless figures.

Unknown Fate is scheduled for release sometime in Q3 2017.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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