Unit 4 Announced for Xbox One - Trailer and Screenshots

By Lucy Wood, 2 years ago
Do you enjoy puzzling platformers with character swapping mechanics? If so you should get ready for Unit 4, a dynamic upcoming game for 1-4 players from Gamera Interactive.

Unit 4 takes place in a galaxy under attack from evil alien forces. The objective is to lead an elite unit of four agents - Blue, Red, Green and Yellow - to reclaim sacred artefacts stolen by the aliens and save ancient worlds from destruction.

The agents of Unit 4 each have a special skill - agility, strength, engineering and mysticism. All playable characters can run and jump, and their unique abilities must be combined to navigate dangerous levels filled with traps and enemies. While gameplay primarily involves platforming, players will be challenged to solve both logic and movement-based puzzles in order to progress. This is where the synergies between character abilities come into play, allowing players to think creatively and experiment with different approaches to solving puzzles. For example Red can use Dash to shoot other players across a large gap, while Green can use Grappling Hook to bring objects and players towards them or grapple themselves towards a distant object.

Unit 4 promises both a structured narrative and an extensive and varied universe to explore, with levels set on spaceships, space stations, asteroid fields, planets and moons. While playing through the campaign a variety of minigames will be unlocked and become available to play as standalone games once the main game has been completed. The minigames will include driving a scooter through space and underwater exploration.

Solo players of Unit 4 can instantly swap between characters in order to combine their abilities, while co-op groups of 2-4 players will have to work closely with one another due to characters being unable to access all the same areas. There is potential for frustration due to the absence of a health system, resulting in instant death when taking any damage from traps or enemies.

2-4 player co-op available2-4 player co-op available

Unit 4 is the first game from Gamera Interactive, which was founded earlier this year by gaming industry veteran Alberto Belli. Belli also co-founded indie studio Storm in a Teacup which developed 2015 adventure game NERO and currently teaches game production in Italy. According to Belli:

We’ve been working really hard on Unit 4 because we think it is something special and we truly believe the gaming community is craving a fresh game like this, which is why we’re putting so much love into it.
Unit 4 will be released on Xbox One in 2017.

We've got the full list of Unit 4 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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