The Watchmaker Counts Down to Xbox One Release

By Luc1d, 11 months ago
Every second counts in The Watchmaker, an upcoming third person action adventure game set in a steampunk dream world within the workings of a giant clock.

The main character in The Watchmaker is Alexander, the keeper of the clock tower. For years Alexander has gone about his daily routine of clock maintenance - oiling its gears, adjusting its mechanisms and polishing it until every last surface gleams. However one day a mysterious voice awakens Alexander with the news that someone has sabotaged his beloved clock, making time itself collapse. Alexander must battle against time while getting past obstacles, beating enemies and solving puzzles to track down the saboteur and repair the clock. Armed only with a bag of time bombs and his magnetic glove, Alexander sets out on a journey of discovery through the clock tower.

The Watchmaker 6

The Watchmaker has a unique health system that ties in to the concept of time collapsing. The distortion of time causes Alexander to age rapidly, a process animated in detail to affect his face, posture and movements. To survive Alexander must collect time and regenerate his youth, with his current age displayed on the mechanism carried on his back.

The Watchmaker 10

The Watchmaker gives players five extensive locations to investigate as they help Alexander repair the fabric of time. A diverse range of gameplay includes exploration, platforming, boss fights and puzzles.

The Watchmaker is due to release on Xbox One in 2017.
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