Reminder: Project Spark Servers to Close on Friday, August 12th

By Kevin Tavore, 8 months ago
Three months ago, Project Spark got some bad news: the servers for Project Spark would be shut down on August 12th. If you've just looked at your calendar, you've no doubt realized that this means the servers are shutting down this Friday.

Your last chance to create the next Conker game.Your last chance to create the next Conker game.

What does this mean for you? Any achievements that require signing in to the servers will no longer be obtainable. If it requires upvotes, downloads, remixes, etc., you won't be able to earn it ever again. You also won't be able to download other player's games, which means if there are any worlds that are particularly good for earning certain achievements, you'll need to get them all now.

The game will still function after the servers shut down, but only with whatever content you currently have downloaded and what you personally make in the future. This means that not all achievements will become unobtainable after Friday, so you may wish to pick and choose what you focus on.

The servers for Project Spark will shut down on August 12th.
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