Summer Spotlight: Week Three

By Kelly Packard,
If you've been following Xbox's Summer Spotlight event, you know the goal is to shine a (spot)light on some lesser known titles while at the same time offering a small kick-back through Xbox Live Rewards for players who purchase US$40 in eligible titles. Major Nelson has announced the titles eligible for the third week, which started today, August 9th. Some are already available and some will be launching on various dates throughout the week.

Summer Spotlight

Already available:
August 10th:
August 12th:

Rewards can still be earned for purchasing any of the previous week's titles:
Remember, even if you see something in the promotional artwork that is already available on the Marketplace for pre-order like Resident Evil 4, as near as we can tell you will not earn rewards for purchasing it until it is officially announced as part of the program. Another thing to note is though many of these titles are also available on Xbox 360, only the Xbox One versions appear to be eligible. Xbox Live Rewards and some of the titles are also not available in every region. The reward is 4,000 Rewards Credits for spending US$40 on titles in the program before it ends on September 5th. For more information, check out Major Nelson's blog post here, the official Summer Spotlight page here or the Summer Spotlight FAQ here.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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