Mafia III Videos Look at Cassandra and City Districts

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Find out more about the motivations of Haitian hotshot Cassandra and the city districts of New Bordeaux in two new Mafia III videos from developer Hangar 13. The first video is an Inside Look at Cassandra, in which members of the writing team discuss her background and role in the upcoming game.

As detailed previously, Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian syndicate. The ruthless Voodoo Queen is determined to end human trafficking in New Bordeaux, and becomes one of Lincoln Clay's three underbosses as he fights to take down Sal Marnarno's criminal empire.

Cassandra from Mafia III

The next video is the first in a series of six from the viewpoint of John Donovan, Lincoln Clay's CIA handler. Billed as the Donovan tapes, they reveal details from Donovan's interviews with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding Clay's 1968 rampage through New Bordeaux. This episode focuses on the ten districts of Mafia III and how the criminal underworld is woven into the tapestry of city life.

Mafia III is due to be released on Xbox One on October 7th.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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