RIDE 2 Gears for October Launch With New Features

By Kelly Packard, 11 months ago
Although only just over 2,000 players on the site experienced the first RIDE game, that hasn't stopped developer Milestone S.r.l. from pursuing a sequel. Arriving this fall, the developers have promised that the game is everything that players praised about the first title, with improvements to boot. Today, Milestone highlighted some more features that you can expect in the October title.

Ride 2

With over 170 bike models and 1,700 components, Milestone has promised almost limitless customization. Riders will be able to be male or female this year and players will be able to customize their bike down to the registration number.

There will also be more integration with the social aspect of gaming. Instead of just being able to compete with their own Avatars, players will be able to compete against their friends' Avatars in the Crew game mode. Friend Avatars will retain the actual riding characteristics of the players on which they're based. Teams of Friend Avatars will be pitted against you in 10 different events. According to Milestone there are 10 exclusive bikes that can only be earned in this mode. Whether or not there will be a solution if you don't happen to have any RIDE players on your friends' list was unmentioned, but hopefully you can just play against the AI in that case.

Ride 2

RIDE 2 will be available on October 7th on Xbox One.
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