Respawn's Goals With Titanfall 2 Single Player

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Titanfall 2 is the sequel to one of the Xbox One's biggest exclusives and it's coming this fall. Perhaps the biggest news about the game is that it will boast a full single-player experience. Until today, details had been sparse, but a new blog post reveals Respawn's "5 things about Titanfall 2 single player".

A boy and his titan.A boy and his titan.

A Different Sort of Pacing

Call of Duty's campaigns were always fight, after fight, after fight. That's good for some, but Respawn is looking to tell a proper story. There will be moments with proper narrative, exploration, and time for contemplation.

You'll Experience It on Your Terms

Titanfall 2 will have some of the standard FPS shooter campaign elements that players would expect -- big fights with big titans. But it's about more than that. Respawn wants the single player to be a cinematic experience that will tell a real story that is worth caring about. You'll be able to enjoy the story at your own pace, they say. "It's not a training module for multiplayer".

A New World

We'll be going to a place never before seen, the planet Typhon:

In single player, the citizen soldiers of the Militia continue their fight to retake the Frontier. Set against them are the occupying forces of the vast, Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Our story begins when the Militia deploys a small fleet to the planet Typhon, in support of a wider offensive push. But not everything on Typhon is as it seems, setting the stage for you and BT to journey through a hostile and strange, yet beautiful world.

The Bond Between Pilot and Titan

Titanfall 2's story centers around its two main characters: Jack and his titan, BT. BT, of course, will have his own personality and so will Jack. Respawn believes that any two main characters need to have a good relationship to succeed, and to create one they're allowing players to choose some of their own dialogue. It won't affect the story, but it will allow you to add you own personal touch into who these characters are.

The Combat

Combat is central and the franchise really has two types of combat -- pilot and titan. The single player campaign will strive to give you choice in how you approach each level, putting your playstyle at the forefront:

We have a lot of people here at Respawn who have made what some consider the best single player campaigns in the genre, but we wanted to create something new and fresh, taking full advantage of the gameplay pillars of Pilot mobility, Pilot combat, and Titan combat. That’s why in Titanfall 2, we encourage players to be creative in battle. Some players will want to take a more surgical shooter approach, while others will develop a free-flowing chaotic style, chaining together slides, wall runs, melee executions, and more, mixing it up at high speed. Others will try a blend of techniques. The point is that all these interpretations are valid. You have the freedom to “fight as you will.”

Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28th for Xbox One.
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