Meet Vito In Mafia III

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
You may already know of Vita Scaletta. The chances are that you spent between 15-20 hours with him in Mafia II. Well, his story isn't done and he makes a return in Mafia III after he was exiled to New Bordeaux by the commission from Empire Bay. Now he is hellbent on revenge on behalf of a lifelong friend.

Vito Scaletta

Meet Vito Scaletta. He’s seen it all, rising through the mob ranks. Sent down to New Bordeaux by the commission from Empire Bay, he’s a man shaken by his past. He’s a man bound by loyalty even as he’s pushed to the brink. What will finally make him rise up against Italian Mafia he’s served for so long? Lincoln Clay – and revenge.

What part will he play in the plight of Lincoln Clay? Find out when Mafia III is released on October 7th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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