Valley Extended Narrative Trailer

By Lucy Wood,
A new extended narrative trailer has been released for upcoming action-adventure game Valley, the latest project from Slender: The Arrival developer Blue Isle Studios.

Valley is set in a hidden area of the Rocky Mountains full of amazing scenery and creatures. It is also the location of the mysterious Lifeseed relic, an artifact with power to bring death to the whole planet. Players will pilot the L.E.A.F. exosuit, which enhances physical capabilities and enables rapid travel through the extensive game world, as they attempt to capture the power of the Lifeseed and use it for good.

Valley Screens 6

Valley will release on Xbox One on August 24th, and is now available for digital pre-order in European territories.

We've got the full list of Valley achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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