WRC 6 Hardware, Trailer and Screens

By Lucy Wood,
Players of upcoming racing simulation WRC 6 will be able to experience deeper immersion using dedicated hardware thanks to a collaboration between Thrustmaster and Kylotonn Racing Games. We also have a new trailer and screenshots, which can be enjoyed without specialist hardware.

Specialist racing game accessory manufacturer Thrustmaster will be producing wheels and pedals that are completely compatible with the new instalment in the Series. According to Alain Jarniou, Game Director at Kylotonn Racing Games:
Being able to share with Thrustmaster on WRC 6 development is a great opportunity for us...We could not wish for a better associate than Thrustmaster to assure our community that compatibility issues encountered with WRC 5 will not happen again. Thrustmaster’s range of gaming wheels now will be completely integrated and optimized for this next opus of the franchise.

Jarniou's opinion is echoed by Thrustmaster Head of Development Gille Raulet:
Joining Kylotonn’s team allows us to offer the best of WRC 6 to our gamers, who will be able to enjoy every special stage and practice in the best conditions to try to win them all. This partnership turned out to be very effective and concrete...Both crews are sharing the same goal: to provide the most realistic driving experiences for gamers. We seek to develop specific products for each type of race and to include these in the whole set-up, and that is why we are always pleased to give a hand when it comes to optimizing compatibility. That is what we already did with the new WRC Gaming House.

The new WRC Gaming House has started its rally tour in July at Neste Rally in Finland, and will be appearing at several more rallies throughout the FIA World Rally Championship season in addition to gaming events. It gives members of the public the opportunity to play WRC 6 using a cutting-edge Thrustmaster hardware setup.

WRC 6 gaming house

WRC 6 will release on Xbox One in October.

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Written by Lucy Wood
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