Black: The Fall Playable at Gamescom, Console Release Due 2017

By Sam Quirke, 11 months ago
Playdead's Inside has received a lot of love recently, and a lot of debate about the narrative and philosophy running underneath it. If you enjoyed those aspects of the game, there's another side-scrolling puzzle platformer you might want to keep any eye on - Sand Sailor Studio's Black: The Fall, which is going to be playable in Gamescom next week.

As lead character Black, players will explore a post-Soviet world where a dark communist future polices thoughts and imagination. Black is on an odyssey to escape the control of the state by controlling others, manipulating machines and humans by using a laser pointer called The Designator. Here are some PC screens to whet your appetite.

Funded via Kickstarter and backed by the Square Enix Collective, Black: The Fall has already sparked some interest at EGX Rezzed earlier this year. While PC platforms have been confirmed and aiming for a 2016 release, all we know about console versions is that they're due to arrive in 2017.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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