The Little Acre Releases New Screens and a Video

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Great news for Pewter Games Studios, the developers behind the upcoming point & click adventure The Little Acre, as the team has managed to bag themselves an Executive Producer and also sign a publishing agreement. Charles Cecil is now the games Executive Producer, and Curve Digital, publishers behind the likes of Thomas Was Alone, The Swapper, and plenty more, will be handling the publishing duties for the upcoming title.

We covered brief details of the game's story back when it was revealed over a year ago during ID@Xbox's visit to GDC. However, if you need a bit of a refresher on the visuals the game will offer, take a look at these newly released screens that showcase the exterior of a lab, Lily doing some shopping, and more:

Charles Cecil, known for his work on Broken Swordhas helped shape the game in its later stages of development and this is also the first time he has accepted the role of an Executive Producer. Pewter Game's Ben Clavin speaks on the gaming history between fellow Pewter member Chris Conland and himself:

Mine and Chris’s gaming background is strangely disparate. Whilst between us we’ve played all the essentials, there’s only one series that we have both played – and that’s Broken Sword. Charles is one of the biggest names in adventure gaming, so having him agree to join the team is a huge endorsement of the work we’ve been doing.
Chris is excited to be working with Charles:

There were already a few nods to Broken Sword within The Little Acre, so to be working with Charles officially is a dream. His insight so far has been invaluable, and his experience in the genre is second to none. We’re absolutely over the moon he is on board!
Charles himself was chuffed with the team's love for Broken Sword and how much it had influenced the game:

When I first saw The Little Acre, I was blown away by the game’s beauty and attention to detail. I was delighted to discover how much of an influence Broken Sword had had on The Little Acre and was enormously flattered when Chris and Ben asked me to act as Executive Producer. It’s a game I would have been extremely proud to have written myself and I am very excited to be building a relationship, and friendship, with a very talented young development team.
Lastly, we have a new video showcasing more gameplay and cut scenes:

The Little Acre is scheduled to release later this year on the Xbox One and Windows 10.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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