SMITE's Gamescom Week Has All Gods Free, Double Worshipers and Free Chest Rolls

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Gamescom 2016 doesn't just signify announcements and news about unreleased games. Some of your favorite games that you're actively playing are celebrating the week in a big way. Hi-Rez is celebrating their free-to-play MOBA SMITE's presence at Gamescom with what they're calling Gamescom Party Week. Beginning August 16th, the event features something for both new and experienced players to look forward to.

Why didn't you call missing, Thor!?Why didn't you call missing, Thor!?

First of all, every god will be accessible for free, meaning you'll have access to 100% of the game's 79 gods whether you're a newbie or a veteran player who hasn't yet committed to the Ultimate God Pack. This would be a good time to clean up any of the god-specific achievements if you have not done so.

If you're trying to rack up a few masteries or get your favorite god to Diamond status, there will be a double worshiper boost active for the entire event. All Boosters are also 75% off. Boosters grant a 25% worshiper and XP boost as well as a 100% boost to favor earned while the Booster is active.

Last but not least, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, free Enigma Chest rolls will be given for achieving three First Wins of the Day. It's a mystery what's in the Engima Chest (thus the name), but it seems to contain almost everything in the game. Anyone rolling the chest has a chance to receive skins, voice packs, ward skins and emotes. The Enigma Chest even grants a shot at rare exclusive skins.

If you want even more rewards, remember the Great Games Arena event is still ongoing until August 30th with two more chances to earn gems for completing quests.

The Gamescom Party Week event starts tomorrow, Tuesday, August 16th, and will be live until Sunday, August 21st. The official start times down to the hour were not listed.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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