Overwatch Season 2 Changes Detailed

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Today, Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan released a new developer update talking about the upcoming changes for Overwatch: Origins Edition's season 2. Those who worked through season one will soon find themselves rewarded with exciting golden weapons among other benefits, but season 2 is on the horizon and it's just the beginning.

Golden Gun

Skill Rating

The skill rating system in season 1 was a 1-100 scale where players typically stayed within ranks 30-70. Well, that wasn't really working for everyone so it's getting a major makeover for season 2:
  • Instead of a ceiling of 100, the ceiling is now 5000
  • You'll no longer move up and down part of a level - when you win or lose, you gain or lose in whole numbers
  • Skill tiers are coming in seven flavors - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster
  • Once you achieve a skill tier diamond or below, you cannot fall below it
  • You cannot queue with friends who are not within 500 skill rating of you
The last point should address one of the primary concerns many had in season 1 where players would queue with friends 20-30 levels below them, allowing them to play against lesser-skilled players.

Competitive Points

You will gain 10x as many competitive points for a win, and golden weapons will cost 10x more. Any competitive points you earned in season 1 will also be multiplied by 10. The end result should leave you in the same place you previously were, and Blizzard can now give varying numbers of points. Everyone will receive some points in a tie.


There are some major changes here as well which should address some of the major complaints:
  • Sudden death is removed from the game - you can now tie
  • In Assault, the final round previously granted a minimum of 2 minutes. That has been lowered to 1 minute, and if one team gets some extra seconds, the other team will be granted those seconds as well
  • Hybrid and Payload maps will receive the time bank system. If both teams go all the way to the end, they will play again with only the amount of time they had left to move the payload

Overwatch's season 2 will begin in September. Blizzard will have a presence at Gamescom, so there's a good chance we'll hear about a new map or new hero later this week.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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