ViDoc for Destiny: Rise of Iron

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
There's a ton of new weapons, more multiplayer maps and a new game mode, and a new raid of course. There are new public events, new patrols, and an armory of new gear. Destiny's Rise of Iron is coming in September and it's bringing everything you'd expect. Today, we get a ViDoc where Bungie tells us a little bit about the game and why we should be excited.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarwing 4

The story sees us following Lord Saladin in an attempt to discover what happened to the Iron Lords. As part of the journey, we'll go through a blizzard, we'll fight in a social space, and we'll discover a land forgotten in the Plaguelands on Earth. The video also talks about the new Strike, the new Raid, the lore of the enemies, and more.

See it all, and quite a lot more, in the video below:

Destiny's Rise of Iron will launch on September 27th for Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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