New Gameplay Footage Of The Surge

By Damien Knox, 1 year ago
Developer Deck13 has released gameplay footage of their upcoming sci-fi RPG The Surge. The 15 minute video showcases some of the fighting mechanics in addition to the crafting elements that are part of the fundamental game play elements.

Your character is fitted with a CREO exo-suit that allows you to upgrade abilities with implants that you will need to balance with your core power. This allows you to match up your play style with how you set up your gear. There is also Metroidvania elements of the game allowing you to come back to areas that you previously may have had to pass by while you lacked certain abilities.


One of the combat features of The Surge is the ability to target specific parts of an individual that you are attacking. This will allow for you to salvage parts of their exo-suit that you want to acquire for your own use. You will also look for scrap and blueprints to help aid you in your quest to upgrade your add-ons. While many of the things in the game were never originally intended to be made into lethal weapons, you can change that with the help of your suit.

See below for the gameplay footage as you see what awaits you as you dive deep into the facility.

The Surge is set to release sometime in 2017.
Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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