The Crew Is Calling All Units to Its New Expansion and Ultimate Edition

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Ubisoft is still in full support of 2014's The Crew. According to the publisher, the racer surpassed five million players this June around the time that it emerged as a Games With Gold title for the same month, and they now say that it has reached nine million. The new expansion is the successor to "Wild Run" and looks like your classic case of cops 'n' racers. An Ultimate Edition has also been announced for new players to get The Crew, "Wild Run," the season pass content and "Calling All Units" as a bundle.

As the name may suggest, in "Calling All Units" you'll be placed on the cops side of the equation. You and your team will be responsible for bringing down notorious street racers. As you'd expect of a racing DLC, it will contain new cars, including supercars, motorbikes and SUVs that are all equipped with police equipment. You'll be tasked to complete high-speed pursuits in a story mode spanning 12 missions.

As you'd expect (and may have experienced for yourself in other racing games like the Need for Speed series), street racers don't like it when the fuzz shows up to crash their party. They're just as well-equipped as you are with an arsenal including flashbangs and unlimited nitro. Of course, you'll also receive total access to the other side of the coin as a street racer and be able to engage the police in dangerous pursuits. Chases can be triggered anytime and anywhere during the open world mode of The Crew.

Pricing for "Calling All Units" was not listed, but it will be available on November 29th for current-gen systems like Xbox One. Like "Wild Run," it will not be coming to Xbox 360. The Crew Ultimate Edition will be available on the same date for US$49.99 and includes The Crew, "Wild Run," "Calling All Units" and the season pass vehicle packs.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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