FIFA 17 Details Emerge From Gamescom

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
The latest in the FIFA series, FIFA 17, is on the way next month, so EA provided some information at Gamescom about the additions that will be coming to the game's various modes. However, before all that we'll kick it off with the new gameplay trailer that may have the older gamers among us reminiscing back to FIFA 98 for one reason in particular.

We'll start with the mode that has the most additions: FIFA's most popular mode -- FIFA Ultimate Team, shortened here to FUT. There are two big additions here: Squad Building Challenges and FUT Champions. Squad Building Challenges simply provide players with an opportunity to earn in-game rewards by meeting the goals of certain challenges with the Ultimate Team squad. FUT Champions is another way for players to earn in-game rewards and complete in daily tournaments. Doing well in these tournaments can give players the opportunity to play in Weekend Leagues, and doing well in those will help fans to climb up the monthly leadboards. Ranking high on those will earn players the biggest in-game rewards in FUT; those reaching the very top spots will have the chance to compete in the EA Sports FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series -- a new competition that will have players competing for a share of a $1.3million prize pool. Finally on the subject of FUT, while it's not a specific feature, FIFA Ultimate Team's Dynamic Live Service promises that content will be added throughout the season.

FIFA 17 screenshot

Moving onto the career mode now and its main innovation is with the mode's Financial System. This new system will reflect the structures of clubs around the world by showing your team's Club Worth and a breakdown of income and expenses. With Total Club Management, managers will be expected to meet all manner of objectives that are set to them by the board in five different categories: Domestic Success, Continental Success, Brand Exposure, Financial and Youth Development.

Finally, in FIFA 17's Pro Clubs mode, a new Player Growth System is introduced that will develop your player based on how well you work with others in your team. The mode will also have more customisation options with 24 kit and crest templates that players can use to create their own identity.

FIFA 17 will launch on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in North America on September 27th and worldwide on September 29th.
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