Destiny Rise of Iron Screens and Details

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
New details and artwork have been released for the upcoming Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion, with exciting new content for cooperative and competitive players alike.

The Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion will pit PvE players against a new Fallen faction called the Devil Splicers, who fuse their own flesh with metal as they try to become machine gods. The new content is set in the Plaguelands area of Earth and includes new quests, the Felwinter's Peak social space, "The Wretched Eye" strike, new versions of "The Devil's Lair" and "The Summoning Pits" strikes and a new six-player raid. New armour and weapons will be included and the maximum light level will increase to 385.

The Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion will bring a new PvP game mode called Supremacy in addition to private matches, clan rosters and competition licenses. Supremacy is a 6v6 objective game type in which players score by collecting the crests of fallen opponents and prevent the other team from scoring by collecting the crests of downed teammates. Three new maps are included in the expansion, of which the Icarus map in these images is a PS4 timed exclusive until at least Autumn, 2017.

Destiny "Rise of Iron" players will have personal clubhouses from which they can host private Crucible matches, with access to a clan roster if they belong to one. Private games are highly customisable to suit casual and hardcore players alike, with choice of game type, map, score limit, time limit, light level and time of day. New community tools will support creation of tournaments for fun or for cash prizes.

Destiny: Rise of Iron concept art 2

The Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion releases on Xbox One on September 20th.
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