For Honor Trailer, Screens, Collector's Case, Heroes and Multiplayer Modes

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Ubisoft has revealed more information about their upcoming action game For Honor, which pits Knights, Vikings and Samurai against one another in a brutal bloodbath. They have released details of the Collector's Case edition, playable hero types, multiplayer game modes and a new trailer focusing on the core factions of the game.

Ubisoft has announced a For Honor Collector's Case, available exclusively through the Uplay shop, comprising:
  • Collector's Box
  • Wooden stand with three 1/3 scale metal faction replica helmets
  • Lithograph
  • Soundtrack
  • For Honor Gold Edition (includes base game, Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Pack)
For Honor collector's edition

For Honor will have twelve playable heroes, with four types for each of the game's factions. The Vanguard heroes are balanced, versatile fighters with good attack and defence abilities. Assassins can deliver rapid strings of attacks that may dominate in one-on-one duels, but their defences are weaker and they won't automatically stay in a blocking stance. Heavies are slow and powerful with strong defensive abilities, making them ideal for engaging with a mob on a battlefield. Hybrids blend characteristics from the other hero types, requiring a high skill level and understanding to use them effectively. This image shows (from left to right) the Assassin, Vanguard, Heavy and Hybrid heroes for the Knight, Samurai and Viking factions.

For Honor Knight, Viking and Samurai heroes

Hero customisation options include gender, colour schemes, armour and weaponry, and it is handled separately for each of your heroes. For Honor includes a story campaign that covers the viewpoints of the Knight, Viking and Samurai factions, and five multiplayer modes. Multiplayer gameplay is free of faction restrictions so you can always play as your favourite hero no matter with whom you are teamed up. The multiplayer game types that are confirmed so far are:
  • Domination - 4v4 battle for control points
  • Brawl - 2v2 with rounds won by killing opponents
  • Duel - 1v1 fight to the death
  • Skirmish - 4v4 deathmatch with points scored by killing members of the other team
  • Elimination - 4v4 with no respawns, last player standing wins the round for their team

For Honor will be released on Xbox One on February 14th, 2017 and the Alpha begins on September 15th.

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