The Final Station Detailed for Xbox One

By Kelly Packard,
August's The Final Station centers around a train — a train, rolling through decrepit cities and towns in the midst of the apocalypse. You are the conductor and it's your job to make sure your passengers, the train and yourself arrive at their destinations in one piece.

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The gameplay centers around survival, keeping the train operational and exploring stations you stop at along the way. When exploring stations you might find supplies, more survivors or some less-friendly folks. There will be choices to be made and you'll never know what's behind each station door. The choice to use valuable supplies like med kits on yourself over an injured survivor might end up costing their life. Do My Best, the developers, promise the reward for getting a passenger to their destination safely is far more desirable than whatever you can loot from their dead body.

If it sounds a little grim, well, it should, as it does take place during the apocalypse. It often receives comparisons to the movie Snowpiercer, though the game designers said they had not seen the film before creating The Final Station.

In a blog post, Alex Nichiporchik, the CEO of tinyBuild, The Final Station's publisher, emphasized the game is not a roguelike, though it may sound like the makings of one. The game is five chapters long. There are essentially two parts of the game that you'll alternate between. In each chapter, you'll keep your train operational and your survivors healthy as you travel between stations on the train. Then, in between chapters, you'll stop at a new abandoned station to loot for supplies or pick up new survivors. There is gear to be obtained and leveled up, a variety of enemies to encounter and more.

This is Do My Best's first game on Xbox One, but you may recognize their publisher, tinyBuild, from titles like Party Hard and No Time To Explain.

The Final Station will be available on August 30th on Xbox One.

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