Steep Dated, Gold Edition Announced, Pre-Order Bonuses and More

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
On today's Gamescom-packed menu we have more details for Steep, Ubisoft's upcoming extreme sports title. With a good mix of activities including skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit use, many gamers are hoping Steep will fill the crevasse-sized gap left by EA's SSX series.

First up we have a plethora of screenshots. Though our first batch of screenshots featured bright and sunny skies, many of these are centered around nighttime riding and show off some neat spooky skeleton gear. Though we don't know much about the game since it's not out until this winter, if nothing else Steep is looking to be a very pretty game.

There is also a new trailer in honor of Gamescom. The trailer showcases more of the amazing feats you can pull off in the game. There are nail-biting courses, crazy people flying wingsuits through tight crevices, skiing backwards (please don't try that at home) and what appears to be a deer snowboarding with more finesse than I could ever hope to possess.

As we draw nearer to December, Ubisoft has also announced the pre-order bonuses for players hoping to hop into the open world of Steep at launch. Pre-ordering Steep will get you the "Moonlight Pack" which contains three extra night challenges, three new outfits, glowing equipment for each separate sport and a wingsuit rocket flare. If you're hoping to grab the Steep Gold Edition, it'll run a total of US$89.99 but you'll receive all the pre-order bonuses mentioned in addition to the season pass which is set to include new "major" expansions, equipment and outfits including one exclusive to season pass owners.

Steep will be available on December 2nd.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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