Watch_Dogs 2 Brings Multiplayer To Gamescom

By Sam Quirke, 2 years ago
Watch_Dogs 2 invaded our screens in and around E3 in a big way, and has since teased us with a masterclass video, some time with protagonist Marcus and a closer look at hacking group Dedsec.


What we haven't heard so much about is the multiplayer. That's changed thanks to Ubisoft's showing at Gamescom, bringing a truckload of information on how it will all work. First off we have a multiplayer trailer, which focuses on the seamless nature of the drop-in, drop-out co-op, as well as running through the game modes. While these are similar to the first Watch_Dogs, the whole system appears to have had an overhaul.

Creative Director Jonathan Morin goes into a little more depth in the next video. Bounty Hunt mode has you tracking down a player who has caused too much trouble for the cops... or you're the troublemaker and other players are gunning for you. Because of the dynamic nature of the co-op, this can play out in different ways. It might be three players against a lone target, but if that target is in a co-op session, the partner becomes the target's "defender" and you'll switch to a 2v2 game. AI cops will be on the prowl as well.

Online Invasion remains similar to the first game, but Morin feels that it's a lot more balanced and also gives you a good opportunity to explore your expanded arsenal of gadgetry. He also briefly mentions "seasons" for the leaderboards in multiplayer and potential rewards tied to those seasons, something about which I'm sure we'll hear more.

UbiBlog has gotten in on the action too, with a big post describing their experiences with the multiplayer modes. It's an interesting read in itself, but we can glean a few extra details from it. Progression in the game is down to how many followers you accrue, and Bounty Hunts can net you varying amounts of followers depending on how you choose to play: can rack up bigger rewards by taking down your hunters. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can even dig in and eliminate wave after wave of rival players for an increasingly better payoff, but be aware that dead hunters will just be replaced by new players, and escape is the only way to get the biggest rewards.

With Bounty Hunts, while you can simply cause enough chaos to gain the attention of other players, you can also manually hack your own Wanted status to prompt the start of a session. In fact, you can switch multiplayer off completely if you want to focus on the single-player. You can even toggle individual multiplayer modes on and off. Meanwhile, one specific change to the Online Invasion mode is that hacking and data download happen simultaneously, rather than one after the other. Having only recently made a return trip to the first game, this is a personal relief. On top of all of this mayhem is the option to simply roam the world with your co-op partner and take on whatever missions take your fancy.

How will this all hang together in the final game? We'll have to wait until November 15th to find out, when Watch_Dogs 2 releases on Xbox One.

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Sam Quirke
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