Customise Thuban in Scalebound

By Rebecca Smith,
In Scalebound, players take on the role of Drew, a loner who has been pulled into the world of Draconis. He has been bound to a dragon called Thuban, who is the last of his kind to exist. Together they will be taking on the opponents of Draconis and Earth, and especially those that oppose uniting the two parallel worlds. So far, most of the focus has been on Drew, but developer Platinum attended Gamescom to give players a more in-depth look at his dragon companion.

Just like humans, dragons are also composed of DNA. The game's Dragon DNA system will allow players to customise Thuban to fit their own unique playstyle. There are three core dragon types from which players can choose: Rex, Tank and Wyvern. The Wyvern focuses on speed whereas the Tank, unsurprisingly, is a stronger and heavier form. The Rex is a compromise between the two, but by using morphing, players will be able to create a lot more possibilities. Each of these three types is connected in an evolutionary circle and players will be able to blend their physical and visual attributes to create something a bit different. All that you'll need is to do this is to use gems at the dragon shrine.

Players can then add permanent buffs in the form of dragon parts. The buffs not only boost Thuban's elemental characteristics, but they also alter his physical appearance. Focusing purely on the offensive side of the dragon, the buffs appear in Berserker Mode, which is "like Dragon Form for Dragons".

Finally, Thuban's armour is what effects his defensive capabilities. Armour is made by humans within the world of Draconis and it can be purchased with currency that has been earned by completing a variety of in-game actions, like defeating enemies or completing quests. You can even find armour in game and you will be able to mix and match pieces as you see fit. Be aware that armour can be destroyed, though, so make sure to maintain it as you go along.

Of course, this is all well and good as long as it works well in combat, right? Well, this is why Dragon Link is fairly important. Dragon Link allows players to control Thuban through Drew's point of view, thus making him a playable character. At the press of a button, players can switch in and out of this viewpoint to exploit enemies' weaknesses and create openings for Drew to exploit. However, Drew is defenceless while players are in Dragon Link mode, so you'll need to be careful over its use so that Drew is not left vulnerable. Smart players will be able to team up in multiplayer to provide cover for each other and use this mode to their advantage.

You have until some time next year to decide which build of your dragon you will prefer and no, fire-breathing is not a sufficient answer.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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