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By Kevin Tavore, 8 months ago
RIDE 2 will be racing in this October and, with the release so soon, we're finally getting to see more of the game in action. Today's trailer shows some gameplay footage so we can get a look at what the game has to offer. As a reminder, it has some new features. Most important of all, perhaps, is that the number of tracks has ballooned from 15 to 30, and now includes Nürburgring. The full list of tracks is:

Country Tracks
• Hellenic Towers
• Viking Valley
• Eastern Mountains
• National Park of Stelvio
• Sierra Nevada
• North Wales
• Kanto Temples
• French Riviera

Drag Strips
• Salt Flats Speedway
• Airport Fastline
• American Highway

City Tracks
• Milan
• Miami
• Macau

Road Race Tracks
• Nurburgring Nordschleife
• Northwest 200
• Ulster GP

GP Circuits
• Monza
• Vallelunga
• Nurburgring GP
• Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola
• Sportsland SUGO
• Donington Park Circuit – 2014 version
• Road America
• Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
• Circuito de Almería
• Potrero de los Funes Circuit

Supermoto Circuits
• Castelletto di Branduzzo
• Ottobiano
• Franciacorta
Ride 2

Ride 2 is currently slated to launch in October for Xbox One.
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