Hand of Fate 2 Details and Art

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
New details and art have been released for Hand of Fate 2, Defiant Development's upcoming collectible card game with action, RPG and roguelike elements.

Hand of Fate 2 Colbjorn 1

Hand of Fate 2 will give a gameplay experience reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons, in which players explore a dark fantasy world in a meta-board game controlled by a magical dealer and built from collectible cards. As cards are turned over they trigger trials such as minigames and third person combat encounters. Players can influence the direction of the game by building a custom deck, but ultimately must work with whatever cards are dealt.

Hand of Fate 2 will tell the story of the defeat, revenge and return of the Dealer from the original Hand of Fate. Defiant Development are aiming to expand and improve on the gameplay of the original by adding a range of extra objectives for levels, new weapon types such as two-handed and dual-wielding, companions to give support during combat, more storylines, more dialogue options and minigame perks.

Hand of Fate 2 Colbjorn 2

Hand of Fate 2 features a new companion by the name of Colbjorn, a wandering exile from the North. Hunted by his own people and feared throughout the Empire, his trust is hard to gain but steadfast once given. Colbjorn uses heavy club-like short swords in combat, knocking back enemies and making them easier to kill. As well as assisting in battle he grants adventurers an extra dice roll during tabletop minigames.

According to Defiant Development director Morgan Jaffit:
Colbjorn's brute strength is an invaluable asset to anyone's journey and he's an intriguing ally to discover...Companions add another layer of depth to Hand of Fate 2, pairing with new cards, enemy suits and a host of other features to make this journey equal parts unpredictable and riveting.
Hand of Fate 2 is expected to release on Xbox One early in 2017.
Lucy Wood
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