Conga Master Announced for Consoles

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
What's the most fun you can have with a simple two-button control system? Upcoming party arcade game Conga Master is a strong contender, with its simple objective of dancing your way to glory by building the most epic conga line ever.

Conga Master was spawned from the "Ludum Dare 34" game development event, where it was ranked as the top five most fun game out of more than 1600 entries. Developer Undercoders was founded in 2006 and has released more than thirty games previously.

According to Lee Skittrell of publisher Rising Star Games:
Conga Master has a singleness of vision that glitters and stands out in today’s gaming space...The game’s heart and spirit is made of pure unabashed fun; the kind of game that brings smiles to the faces of players young and old alike, coupled with a pleasingly peculiar sense of humour. Conga Master is a shiny and surreal disco-ball glittering over the heads of our already hugely diverse portfolio of quality titles.

Conga Master allows up to four players to control partygoers in nightclubs, enticing people to join their conga lines while avoiding disco downers such as pigs in disguise and crotchety custodians. Players can visit a range of nightclubs as they attempt to build the biggest ever conga line, but it will get harder to maintain momentum as their conga crew grows. Features confirmed so far include:
  • Combo systems
  • Objective-based gameplay
  • Solo, co-op and competitive modes
  • 30+ playable characters each with different skills and attributes
  • Seven nightclubs
  • Bonus stages
  • Unlockable rewards
  • Online rankings
  • "Endless" modes
Conga Master is expected to release on consoles early in 2017.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
Lucy wasted her youth in the pursuit of music, art and stories. Eventually she discovered that video games combine all three with shooting and exploding stuff and a gamer was born.