Prey Gameplay Trailer Shows Gloo Cannon and Mimic Ability

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
One of the bigger surprises of E3 was a complete re-imagining of Prey (Xbox 360). While retaining the Prey title, it bears no real connections to the original game. In prior tidbits from Bethesda, we were given the information that the character the player portrays, Morgan Yu, has been the subject of under-the-radar experiments that have given him unique abilities, which come in handy when he finds himself aboard a space station that has been taken over by aliens.

You better Prey I don't hurt you buddyYou better "Prey" I don't hurt you buddy

In a new trailer fresh out of Gamescom, we get to see more gameplay out of the 2017 title. In this particular clip, Morgan finds a new weapon, called the Gloo Cannon. The Gloo Cannon can be used to freeze enemy aliens in place. In the clip, Morgan follows up the freeze with his Superthermal power to finish them off. According to Bethesda, the Gloo Cannon can also be used to get from one hard-to-reach area to the next or freeze up a fiery area so Morgan can pass through safely.

For the first time we also get to see another of Morgan's unique abilities, called Mimic. The Mimic ability is what it sounds like — he mimics the power of an object to utilize for himself. In the video, he mimics the powers of an almighty coffee mug so he can slip through a small space and access a computer.

Prey is scheduled to release sometime next year.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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