SMITE Patch 3.15 Arrives Next Week

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Like clockwork, another one of SMITE's regular patches will be arriving next week in the mythological MOBA. Whether you're a longtime player or a Leap-Frogger (yes, I know you crazy competitors are still out there!) or both, we've got all the need-to-know information here. For the quick rundown, view the minute-long video below. If you want the nitty-gritty balance details and changelog, check out the official patch notes on SMITE's website here. For the skins and achievements, keep reading below.

There is a new skin for Kukulkan in the form of Quetzakukulkan Kukulkan and a new one for He Bo entitled Lord of the Amazon. There are two new Summer of Smite skins — Get Served Freya and Sea Maiden Medusa, the final Summer of Smite reward. Erlang Shen, the second-to-newest god, has received his mastery skins.

Much like previous patches, there will be six new achievements to be earned. This time around they are all for gods from the Guardian class. Everyone's favorite drunk, Bacchus, has finally received two achievements for himself, alongside Terra, the newest goddess, and Sobek. Once again Hi-Rez seems to have eased off the difficult or luck-based achievements and stuck with accomplishments that will be earned throughout the course of regular play.

Bottoms Up
As Bacchus, keep your Drunk-o-meter in smashed from five minutes.

Everybody Getting Tipsy
As Bacchus, intoxicate three or more enemy Gods at once.

Get Plucked
As Sobek, pluck fifteen enemy gods with Charge Prey in a single match.

Aren’t You a Tank?
As Sobek, use all four of your abilities to kill an enemy within 10 seconds.

Shattered Monolith
As Terra, root 3 or more enemies using the Monolith ability.

Bless You All
As Terra, activate Terra’s Blessing and buff all 5 members of your team in a single cast.
If you happened to miss their announcements, there are also several events ongoing currently. Until August 21st, you can earn double worshipers, play all gods for free and receive three free Engima Chest rolls as a part of Gamescom Party Week. The Great Games Arena event is also running until August 30th, featuring three different quests in which players can earn free gems. As for Patch 3.15, it's scheduled to go live on Tuesday, August 23rd.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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