Skylanders Imaginators Introduces Dr. Neo Cortex and Kaos

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Fans looking forward to checking out Toys for Bob's upcoming Skylanders Imaginators, were treated to an exciting reveal at this year's Gamescom as a pair of bad guys took over the Skylanders show. A new Crash Bandicoot level, "Thumpin' Wumpa", has been revealed along with new guest star Skylanders Dr. Neo Cortex and Kaos.

Publisher Activision has more details on the brief story of Kaos:

With Kaos having discovered the power of Mind Magic to create Doomlanders, one of his first creations was none other than a clone of himself! Figuring that no one in the universe, including the Skylanders, could ever stand up to more than one Kaos, he unleashed his clone in his quest to take over Skylands. But to Kaos’ surprise, the clone – also being Kaos – wanted victory for himself! As a result, he fights against his creator, in turn helping the Skylanders in their endeavour to defeat the real Kaos!

Full of secrets and hidden areas, the new Thumpin' Wumpa Islands will be full to the brim of old-school Crash Bandicoot gameplay. The level will also include special "Crash Zones" that will feature the boulder chases many will remember from the original games. Of course, the level just wouldn't be paying homage properly without "TNT boxes, crabs, hazards, temple ruins, Wumpa Fruit, exploding crates", and plenty more.

Jen Oneal, studio head at Vicarious Visions, is looking forward to the fans getting their hands on a unique mix:

You can’t have Crash Bandicoot as a giuest star Skylander without his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex. We approached the level as a way for us to bring the best parts of Skylanders and the best parts of Crash together into one epic adventure. Players are going to enjoy how we’ve honoured the heritage of traditional Crash games in the musically-themed, TNT crate-filled level. For fans of Crash this is going to feel like going back to the old world of Crash Bandicoot - but in gorgeous 1080p.

The world of Skylands and Wumpa Islands are aligned as a "Synchronization Celebration” is taking place. Spyro and Mags arrive to discover that Dr. Neo Cortex has put together a machine of terror that harnesses the "rhythmic power of the island’s celebration for his newest evil scheme!" Something does wrong with the machine however and the part goes out of sync. Now it's up to Crash and the Skylanders to take down Neo Cortex and put the celebration back right before the Wumpa Islands are "syncopated right out of existence!"

To finish up, we have a promo trailer of Kaos himself wreaking havoc on those who stand in his way:

The "Thumpin' Wumpa Islands Adventure" pack, which will also include Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex as fully playable toys, will be available to purchase this Autumn.

Skylanders Imaginators releases on October 14th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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