Gears of War 4 Sheds Light On Seriously 4.0, Ranks And Re-ups

By Gabriel Kreulen, 1 year ago
In the latest developer blog, The Coalition revealed the requirements of Gears of War 4's Seriously 4.0 achievement, stating that the game isn't complete without a Seriously achievement. The Coalition also stated that the Horde requirements would be revealed at PAX West, where they will talk about Horde 3.0.

Fan feedback on its previous iteration Seriously 3.0 in Gears of War 3 has been taken into account and the developers streamlined the requirements to make them clearer. For example, you won't need 6000 kills with each starting weapon.

Seriously 4.0

The requirements for Seriously 4.0 are as follows:
  • Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty
  • Reach Re-Up 10
  • Earn all Ribbons at least once
  • Earn a Rank Placement in each multiplayer mode
  • Unannounced Horde Requirement
  • Unannounced Horde Requirement
  • Unannounced Horde Requirement
Those dedicated to earn the full TA score for Gears of War 4 will be in for a long time playing the multiplayer and Horde to obtain this achievement.

The Re-up system returns, but where Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition only had three re-ups, Gears of War 4 will have 10 re-ups. The Re-up tier you're in is shown by a small gem next to your Gamertag. The developer's explanation for this method of display is as follows:
Since we’re dealing with a very small area to show your current Re-Up, we went with a tiered approach that starts off simple with a flat gem, increasing in complexity, detail and presence as you climb through the Re-Ups.

Skill Ranks are a new addition to the game in order to make matches more even for players. There will be five ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx and Diamond) with three tiers each. Ranks for a playlist are earned by completing five placement matches in a playlist and will change based on your match results. If you're consistently winning matches, your chances to promote increase, but consistently losing will net you a demotion. The ideal rank is found when you win about as many matches as you lose. There are also some tweaks based on beta feedback, such as the increase of rank update frequency and balancing of the amount of players who have a specific rank. There will also be an unranked 'Social' playlist, which is a medley of all maps and modes. Players will be able to vote for the next map and mode after every match.

Skill Ranks

Gears of War 4 releases October 11th, or October 7th if you own the Ultimate Edition.
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