COD: Black Ops Patch Now Live

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
An update to a forum post by Treyarch developer Josh Olin (aka JD_2020) has confirmed that Title Update 4 is being released for Call of Duty: Black Ops at 2am PST today. However, in a post on his Twitter account, Olin warns players to be patient, as you may "have to give it time to propogate" through the system.

It has already been confirmed that more updates are planned for the future. In an interview with Joystiq, Treyarch head Mark Lamia confirmed their ongoing support of the game when he was asked what the studio would be doing next:

First thing we're doing is we're still working on Black Ops. Right now we are just focused on the PC and console skus that were just launched. There's millions of people playing every day, and we're focused on supporting that. The response that I've gotten is that people are happy with the game.
We'll keep you updated with news on any more patches when further information is released.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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