The Witness Comes to Xbox One in September

By Kelly Packard,
Jonathan Blow's seven-year project The Witness is at last coming to Xbox One this September after being released on PC and PlayStation 4 earlier this year. Blow, known for 2008's Braid, says "a great deal of time and effort [was spent] arranging every detail of the island you explore" in The Witness.

He's not going to be witnessing anything soonHe's not going to be witnessing anything soon

As for what type of game it is, according to Blow, that's a hard question to answer. Most would probably lean toward "puzzler" with words like "exploration" and "open-world" used to describe other elements of the game. Blow wrote the following in an Xbox Wire blog post:

The Witness is a pretty unconventional game. You wander through an open world, so you can explore whatever catches your eye. Throughout the island you’ll find many puzzles, all with different themes. But these puzzles aren’t just arbitrary and meaningless; they communicate ideas. As you play the game, you’ll find yourself absorbing a nonverbal language, and you’ll know what to do even if you can’t quite explain what you know.

In the process of releasing The Witness, we’ve learned a lot about the way people play it. Some people blaze through puzzles and finish the game in 25-30 hours; some people take their time really investigating details, and spend over 100 hours exploring, finding new things the whole time. To my surprise, The Witness is a really good game to play with a friend, even though I didn’t design it that way; we’ve received a lot of notes from people who had a great time playing with their wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends.

Blow's team is currently in the midst of wrapping up last-minute production details, but he did leave us with one piece of advice: try to experience the game without spoilers. The Witness will be available on September 13th on Xbox One.

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