Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and First DLC Pack Detailed

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
In modern gaming, an almost ritualistic new task has emerged that many players conduct before picking up their brand new purchase — researching if the season pass is worth buying. Battlefield 1 players can cross that step off their checklist, as EA has announced the details. They've also given us a few brief words about the first DLC pack, dated for early 2017.


For fans of the series, there aren't any surprise here; this year's Premium Pass looks in line with other recent Battlefield titles:

  • 4 upcoming digital expansion packs, including:
  • Two-week early access to each expansion pack
  • Play as new armies including France in Battlefield 1 "They Shall Not Pass", and the Russian Empire in an upcoming expansion pack
  • 16 new multiplayer maps
  • New Operations and game modes for more ways to play
  • New Elite classes
  • 20 new weapons
  • New vehicles
  • 14 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks containing stand-out weapon skins, delivered monthly from November 2016
  • 14 unique dog tags distributed over the course of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass period
Though we don't know much about the first DLC pack, we do know it will be called "They Shall Not Pass," add the French army as a playable faction and be released in March 2017. Other new armies have been confirmed for future expansions, including the Russian Empire.

Battlefield 1's Premium Pass is already up on the Marketplace at the going price of US$49.99. Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st, with early access options available for certain editions as well as EA Access members.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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